Become a Sponsor of the Europa Cup

We would like to invite you to become our partner in the organization of the European Florist Championship, Europa Cup 2020!


The European Florist Championship helps to compare the skills and creativity of floral designers from numerous countries, putting the world’s best florists in the spotlight. The championship, thereby, functions as an important stimulus for innovation in floral design.

The contest simultaneously helps to promote the florist’s image to the public, and to spread the joy of flowers to a worldwide audience of millions…

Use the “Europa Cup 2020” platform to position yourself and greatly enhance your brand profile. The European Championships present you with an unmatched stage for showcasing your products and services to a gigantic audience of professional florists, potential business partners and flower buyers.

Everyone will get to know your brand in the context of a spectacular, top-level event. This context is synonymous with success, development and business growth: all qualities that positively reflect on you as a sponsor.

Get in touch with us now, and let us tell you more about the remarkable opportunities that are available to you:

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