The Polish Florist Association


The Polish Florist Association (SFP) was created in 2012 by the Polish florists as a response to the changing situation on the Polish market. Thirty founders set ambitious goals and directions to develop, with the slogan ‘Together we can do more’.

In Feb 2014 SFP joined the International Florist Organisation, Florint, the organization that connects, supports and represents the national florist organizations in Europe.

Mission & activities

SFP has initiated numerous events and activities, e.g. specialized trainings in floristry and business, flower arrangement demonstrations, charity events, and market regulation initiatives, among others.

Through the courses, demos, workshops, and industry trips we aim to improve our members’ abilities and competence. At special events and in mass media we promote the tradition of giving flowers, and the need to surround ourselves with flowers in everyday life and express our emotion with flowers.

SFP attracts passionate and devoted people. People who believe in shared activities on behalf of Polish floristry. People who want to be successful in private life as well as develop and improve their professional skills. People who are ready to act and take the challenge. Thanks to these people the Association can constantly develop and start new initiatives.

The members of the International Florist Organisation chose to award the Europa Cup 2021 to Poland, after being presented with an impressive plan for the championship by Polish Florist Association SFP. The decision was officially announced during Florint’s General Assembly, on November 5, 2016.