Europa Cup 2021 Business Seminars


On the second day of the competition, June 26, the Europa Cup 2021 will also focus on the entrepreneurial side of the florist profession. Let’s talk business!


Apart from the possibility of visiting numerous exhibitors’ stands and making profitable new business connections, the Europa Cup organizers have prepared several seminars and discussion panels. The main topics of discussion will be the flower sector in Europe, and in the wider world.

The seminars and discussion groups will offer an ideal opportunity to look critically at the state of the industry. To increase our awareness of the problems affecting it, as well as the opportunities that are arising.

Outstanding specialists will share their knowledge and experience in the field of online sales, social media, sustainable development, successful marketing activities, the trends for 2022 and beyond, as well as many other important topics.

It is amazing to be an eyewitness to the writing of the next pages of the annals of European floristry, by seeing a new Europa Cup champion be crowned. What is even better, is to also invest in your professional development while doing so!