Europa Cup 2021 Rules & Regulations


The Europa Cup tasks

Flowers: JMP Flowers

The Europa Cup 2021 participants will compete in six tasks, with musical themes. They will begin with a 90-minute challenge of preparing a table arrangement for a school reunion, called “Every life has a soundtrack”.

The second task is a floral installation – ‘Dance in the Rain’ – which is the biggest design piece the contestants will be faced with. The arrangement is supposed to show the beauty of movement and dance, while at least 50% of the living plant material must be placed in black Oasis foam. A challenging job!

The third assignment is to florally decorate a dancer. For this task, entitled ‘Dancing Queen’, the participants will have 2 hours and the inspiration will be a specially prepared soundtrack. Afterwards, the participants’ floristic skills will be tested via two surprise tasks. Details of those tasks remain secret for now; they will only be presented to the competitors a few minutes before the beginning of the event. Every contestant will receive an identical set of materials, as well as guidelines which must be followed.

The final task is a hand-held bouquet arrangement entitled ‘Life is much like a song’. This assignment will take place during the Final Gala on Saturday evening. Complemented by a feast for the senses with musical and artistic attractions, this year’s Europa Cup champion will be announced. Afterwards, the contestants and visitors can dance the night away during the afterparty.


Inspired by music

In each of the six competition tasks music plays a significant role. The participating florists will have the opportunity to relate to their individual musical preferences as well as to highlight their cultural identity. The prepared tasks will show the sensitivity, emotionality and openness of the participants – and the flowers in their hands will be their musical instruments!