EC 2016 jury assessment

The Europa Cup 2021 Jury


The Members of the Jury and Technical Committee will be accredited, professional florists of an outstanding level. All of them possess the required attitudes, competencies and experience for judging a challenging floristry competition at the international level.

Jury members have trained extensively in the use of the European judging system and have passed Florint’s national and/or international Certified Judges Assessments: JudgCert.


Florint’s 100-Points System

All designs in the Europa Cup 2021 competition will be evaluated using the Florint 100-Points International Judging System, which considers various key design parameters. It is the official system for judging floristry competitions: the world-wide standard. The Jury will evaluate each competitor’s piece individually on the first three criteria (idea, colour and composition). The fourth criteria (technique) will be assessed by all Jury members together.


Technical Committee

Each floral masterpiece created by the competitors during Europa Cup 2021 is designed under the observation of the Technical Committee. The committee members enforce compliance with the event’s rules and task guidelines, including proper use of approved materials, meeting the size restrictions and completing the work within the allotted timeframe. The Technical Committee is responsible for assigning appropriate penalty deductions for any rule violations.


Composition of the Jury:

The Europa Cup 2021 Judging Team:




The Europa Cup 2021 Technical Committee will consist of: