The Europa Cup 2021 is not just a top-level floristry competition!


It is, in fact, a massive get-together for flower-lovers from all over the world. Alongside the European Florist Championship, the event offers many other spectacular highlights:


Demonstration: the ‘Four Parts of the World’ shows

During a series of shows titled ‘Four Parts of the World’, visitors will be treated to four different regional takes on floristry.

These floristic demonstrations will highlight the culture, traditions and temperament of different nations. We will have an opportunity to admire the artistry and craftsmanship that go beyond words and, despite language barriers, can be understood by everyone.





Demonstration: the ‘Masters of Masters’ show

One of the most prominent highlights of the Europa Cup 2021 will be the ‘Masters of Masters’ show, where many European Champions from previous editions of the competition perform together on one stage!

The history of the European Championship is one of many true stars of floristry. This special evening show is a one-of-a-kind encounter, which may well never happen again! Expect a grand display of experience, excellence and creativity. You won’t want to miss it.