The Europa Cup Competitors



Any country in the world can be represented in the Europa Cup, and any professional florist can compete! There are a limited number of spots available for candidates, however: the European Florist Championship can only accommodate about 32 competitors. And there can never be more than one florist representing any single country.


A candidate should be nominated by a florist association from his or her country. Florist associations that are members of Florint, the International Florist Organisation, have the right to register their candidate for the Europa Cup championship first. After Florint’s members have nominated their national ‘florist champions’, the spots that remain can be filled by candidates from non-member countries.


If a florist from a non-member country wants to participate in the Europa Cup, the candidate should seek the sponsorship of a national association representing florists in his or her country. If no national florist association is available, the candidate should seek backing from the country’s Interflora unit, or a regional florist association. If neither can be found, the candidate should seek the support of a chamber of craft or another official government body that deals with floriculture.


All candidate applications should be addressed to the Organizing Committee of the Europa Cup championship. This can be done via a formal email, sent to and You will then receive additional information about the registration process.

Entry Fees

Competitors enrolled in the Europa Cup 2021 by a florist association that is a full member of Florint pay an entrance fee of € 1.500,-. Candidate members pay an entry fee of € 2.000,- to enrol a candidate. Competitors from other countries pay a fee of € 5.000,-. These fee levels are established democratically by the General Assembly of Florint, and go fully towards the organizing of the championship.



On November 1st, 2019, the Organising Committee of the Europa Cup 2021 announced the start of enrolment to all the florist associations that are members of Florint, the International Florist Organisation.

In December 2019, the Organising Committee of the Europa Cup 2020 has announced the opening of the enrolment process to all other countries and competitors. This enrolment will also be announced in relevant sector media. Registrations will only be valid and official if received before the deadline, which is 31st January 2020 at 15:00 CET.

Click here to download the ENROLMENT FORM

Enrolling for the Europa Cup is done by filling in all data fields on the enrolment form, and sending in all the required documents listed on it. This enrolment form and the relevant documents must be returned to the Organizing Committee by 31st January 2020 at 15:00 CET at the latest, via e-mail to: Enrolment forms received after this date and time shall not be taken into account.

Please note: the deadline to complete the enrolment process is January 31st 2020, for all competitors.

For publicity purposes, competitors are requested to include with their enrolment form (or send separately to the Organizing Committee, but no later than 5th February 2020) a profile picture. (color picture 300dpi, 9x13cm, for printing purposes)

For purposes of efficient communication, competitors are also requested to list a regularly used personal e-mail address on their enrolment form.

Please note that there is a maximum to the number of competitors that can take part in the championship. The order of applications; correctness and completeness of the enrolment form, as well as timely payment of the entry fee, will determine if you qualify for the Europa Cup competition.



If an enrolled competitor withdraws from taking part in the competition, he/she will get a refund of 50% of the enrolment fee if the withdrawal is duly communicated to the Organising Committee 2 months before the competition, at the latest.

If the competitor withdraws after the 2-month period before the competition starts, no refund will be provided.